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 Subject :Setting Capture Page to work around WEP Like WIFI Hot Spot.. 2013-01-06- 12:25:15 
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Setting Capture Page to work around WEP Like WIFI Hot Spot

Nodogsplash offers a simple way to provide restricted access to an internet connection. It is intended for use on wireless access points running OpenWRT (but may also work on other Linux-based devices).

Nodogsplash offers a solution to this problem: You want to provide controlled and reasonably secure public access to an internet connection; and while you want to require users to give some acknowledgment of the service you are providing, you don't need or want the complexity of user account names and passwords and maintaining a separate database-backed authentication server.

I have been working on setting on a capture page like most WIFI Hotspots use.


And nocatsplash

This looks like a good work around for security  and a way to by pass WEP as neither use any encryption.

nodogsplash in the HSMM-MESH packages it is older version but it gets the process started and loads th proper IPTables and necessary packages. But it will not run, you must then upgrade with the (latiest.ipk) Package. Do not start out with the most current version. As it will not work at first.

I have been able to get it configured to start and run but not provide a capture as of yet. I could sure use some help from some network savy people.

nocatsplash is little harder to get loaded, you must fined the nocatsplash.ipk and either Putty or WinScp it into the router. I have successfully got it to work and capture the WIFI log on. Still have not got it redirect the user to the webpage I want the user to go to.

Locally we are running small Windows XP Box with WAMP.
The windows box has static IP
Apache is set to Listen on port 88 (not to conflict with the mesh routers)
Computer name is (hamradio).

So you can log on via WIFI http://hamradio:88/  or http://localhost:88
I brings up the webpage for our server. and connects to all our Preconfigured pages.

I also setup OpenChat available from ( this is real goos chat as it does not require any user software or IRC client be installed it web based. unlimited chat rooms, with chat to all or individual users. Good for served agency not having to have othe software installed. Just web browser.

I can help with server setup WAMP and other things but could sure use some network help with getting the capture working.


nodogsplash Harder to setup but will ask for user name and password that can be Preconfigured with several ie. guest / guest

nocatsplash Easier to setup just presents a log on page which and state rules or terms for use but no user / password just click (logon) and your in.

Please take a look at thes packages and maybe help both should work on all router versions I have it Setup on WRT54G 1.1

For Testing.

73 Bob Elder N7WWK

Putnam County FL
Auxiliary Emergency Communications

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