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 Subject :New version of 'ngircd' now available!.. 2013-06-07- 21:42:18 
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If you have an interest in the IRC server that I recompiled for the WRT54G/GL/GS with our Broadband-Hamnet firmware then you should know that I have recently made a new release. The prominent features of this release are:

  1. Upgrade of ngircd from version 18 to version 20.2. Not many changes, maybe a few bug fixes. For our needs it should work no different than before. I just thought I'd give y'all an updated version.
  2. MUCH EASIER installation! The package is now in our repository so you can use the Administrative page to download the package provided your node has access to an internet gateway.
  3. No need to use shell and 'vi' editor to add config tweaks to get running. Yes, you can still edit the config file if you like but it's not necessary to get the ngircd program running on your WRT54G!  As a matter of fact, installation of the ngircd package not only enables the service but starts it running as well! The only thing you need to do afterwards is punch a hole in the firewall and you KNOW that you can do that with our web interface!
  4. New version of the installation instructions available on the Broadband-Hamnet website at:



P.S.  If you have the "old" version already installed, please remove it before installing the new version, OK?

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