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 Subject :802.11s mesh.. 2015-01-24- 06:48:25 
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I know that BBHN use OLSR as base of mesh network but it maybe anybody would like read information about other possibility local mesh network base on 802.11s

OpenWRT support 802.11s:

I have use 802.11s as our local mesh network and working nice with UBNT devices NS2 and M2.

73 Waldek SP2ONG

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 Subject :Re:802.11s mesh.. 2015-01-26- 07:39:56 
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Thank you for the great set of links on 802.11s, that's very useful reading. I should add that 802.11s meshing basically uses very similar protocols to olsr, but does that on L2, using MAC addressess instead of IPs. Read "switching" instead of "routing". And indeed, that's how it is supposed to be done in the small/low range environment, like meshing all the "Internet of Things" at home.

Broadband-Hamnet is using L3 routing instead, which works better for larger installations, and if the developers were to convert it to 802.11s for some reason, it would be easier to just rewrite the whole thing. Also, DTDlink would not be available with 802.11s, and it allows people to interconnect 2.4 GHz network with 5 GHz and 3GHz links, as well as using VPN tunnels. On the other hand, if you have a 802.11s mesh (really?) that you want to connect to Boradband-Hamnet, it can easily be done, as OpenWRT has support for it.

73 de VA3IDL

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