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 Subject :Is now the time to upgrade to 3.0?.. 2015-02-22- 04:26:29 
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Dear Development group,

Since I am leading the charge of the Las Cruces, NM BBHN and I am a Chicken when it comes to

upgrades, (I only want to do it once in a while, We are still on 1.0 ),  Is 3.0 stable enough for us

to move our whole BBHN to this version?  I have been watching this board for comments on version

3.0 and have not heard much.   Since this is going to be a lot of work for our group to get done

since we have 27 nodes in some very diverse places that are sometimes hard to get to,  I don't want

to upgrade and then either have to drop back or play patch this and patch that to get it to work again.

So, what is the opinion?   Is it a go or a NO Go... ?

73 Dave WA5DJJ

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 Subject :Re:Is now the time to upgrade to 3.0?.. 2015-02-22- 10:37:22 
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The time to upgrade to 3.0 was quite some time ago.

1.0.0 is a problem just waiting to happen.  The issues with stability seen in 1.1.x exist in 1.0.0, it is just the mesh traffic on those networks is generally smaller, but get enough nodes on the network and those systems are expected to crash.

In addition security flaws in 1.0.0 are also a reason to upgrade.

In regards to your comments on patching, there will always be new items to patch, I'm finding issues still today that existed in 1.0.0 and before. These are not your average radio, they are computers running dedicated software sets. One should not expect to throw a node up and just ignore it. While mountain top nodes may not need the newest code even they have needs to get updated over time, user nodes at houses and field locations (served parties) really do have a much higher need to be on newest firmware as each iteration brings new features and makes the user experience better.

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 Subject :Re:Is now the time to upgrade to 3.0?.. 2015-02-22- 11:24:02 
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Hi Dave,

I know exactly how you feel (PIA to keep upgrading many nodes all the time, and is it worth it).

I have now been running a few nodes on 3.0.0, and have a couple on a 3.0.X patch that seems to be working just fine. So I would say, Yes, go ahead and upgrade your nodes to 3.0.0 now, and I hope fairly soon we should be posting the patch file that you can load that wont blow all settings away. You load it just like an upgrade, but it just updates the few things that need fixin'. MUCH easier than full blow-it-all-away-and-rebuild-from-scratch upgrades that make constant upgrades such a pain.

And FYI, Im running on a plethora of WRT54's (G's, GL's, and a couple GS's, many different version numbers) and they all seem to work as advertised. And I have it on good faith that it appears stable on the UBNT gear as well.

73 & Happy Meshing!


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B-) Jim K5KTF EM10bm Cedar Park, TX :star:
 Subject :Re:Re:Is now the time to upgrade to 3.0?.. 2015-02-22- 13:01:38 
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Dear Conrad, Thanks for the comments... You may be right about upgrading earlier but after falling in the pit back at 1.1.2... and then having to go back to 1.0.0... I vowed not to do that again.. So I do what I do with Microsoft... I wait 2 to 3 upgrades before I move.. Not hearing anyone talk about 3.0...Made me wait even longer. I don't agree about having everything up to the minute... with most of this not backward compatible ... being a little behind is advantageous.... We will start making plans to get upgraded here in the next few weeks. Our 1.0.0 Net has been stable and running pretty well.. So, I didn't see any grass on the other side of the fence that looked better until 3.0 came along. Take care and have fun... Life is a MESH! 73 Dave WA5DJJ
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 Subject :Re:Re:Re:Is now the time to upgrade to 3.0?.. 2015-02-22- 15:07:58 
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I am not sure about the advantage of being behind. In many cases, especially where a group of users must adhere to the same release level, being "behind" forces new users to start with obsolete software and then have to upgrade, perhaps soon after getting started  I can certainly understand not wanting to be on the bleeding edge. But, I would also not use a lack of posts as a sign of trouble.

Of course, YMMV

Richard - wb6tae

[WA5DJJ 2015-02-22- 13:01:38]:

...being a little behind is advantageous.... 
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 Subject :Re:Is now the time to upgrade to 3.0?.. 2015-02-22- 15:31:43 
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i tend to agree.  I feel that the lack of posts regarding 3.0 is a good sign.  I know, in my business, I rarely hear about the good things happening, but, when things are going bad... whew.  look out.


All of my nodes are 3.0.1 and working very very well!

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