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 Subject :Meshers Along the IN/OH Border.. 2014-11-24- 02:29:49 
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Well, not much of a subject title but for a door opener I'll settle for that.  I thought I'd cast a pebble into the BBHN pond and see what happens for the Indiana/OH border area along I-70 maybe?  Hamilton, OH? Maybe over into Dayton?  Hoping this forum might be of some value.

I have three Linksys units up 'n running and talking to each other in the  house.  My first attempt and it worked out.  Yes, I know the big focus is Ubiquity but the WRT boxes were really easy to come by and, cost effective for me right now.  Might be a good way to test the waters in this area without a big outlay.

I'm working toward VOIP, IRC, messaging, APRS, and finding ways to use a mesh daily.  Not just for a special event or strict public service.  I'm thinking that I'll probably have the mesh up for my own use until someone else makes a node and has a try with it.  Now, as for a site survey, that's another matter.  I need to look at that and look at external antennas now too.

But, that said, my mesh is up.  Nothing official to put on a map yet but the first step has been taken.  I'm hoping to do a "show 'n tell" at the next Races meeting at the EOC.

Located about 35 miles West of Dayton and about 60 miles East of Indianapolis, give or take.

Howard W6IDS EM79NV

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