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 Subject :DTD linking on WRT54Gx.. 2015-04-15- 08:34:43 
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Any recommendations on how to make DTD-linking work on WRT54 running 3.1.0 mesh
firmware? We found these won't talk to Ubiquiti nodes (Bullet, Loco) on wired LAN
either through a dumb ethernet switch, or directly.

I'm thinking it might be related to WRT's internal VLANs e.g. VLAN0 on the LAN ports.
I'm not really a S/W guy, would need some specific instructions.

This would be useful for local crossbanding e.g. 5.8G down to 2.4G with WRTs
around the house.

Thanks, Dave

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 Subject :Re:DTD linking on WRT54Gx.. 2015-05-24- 09:26:32 
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Dave, We just had some success with this. We have hooked a couple different Upbiquiti 900Mhz nodes to WRT54g's. The very first time we tried it, it "just worked". On our second attempt, we were in the same room and had the 900 and 2.4 networks connected at two points. That did NOT work. Now - I have a question for the group: We are in the process of installing a 900Mhz node with a 120 Degree sector antenna on a tall tower we have access to. If we wished to create full omnidirectional coverage, could we install two more of those, sufficiently vertically separated, and then tie all three together with either just a network switch, or another mesh node with switch (wrt54g? We probably also want to connect to some other equipment there too. Thanks, Erik
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 Subject :Re:DTD linking on WRT54Gx.. 2015-11-29- 15:56:23 
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I followed the directions on the linksys dtd instructions on this site (ssh in, edit /etc/vlan, edit /etc/config.mesh/network) then I logged into the web interface hit save, then reboot and dtd worked between my nanostation and my WRT-54GL 73, Anne
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