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 Subject :Re-installing Ubiquiti firmware.. 2015-09-07- 08:40:14 
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I have a Ubiquiti Titanium that BBHN 3.1.0 was uploaded. Upon trying to save the Username and Password the browser displays the changes were not save. Attempts to just save just the Password also return a notice the changes were not saved.

Attempts to upload another copy of 3.1.0 fail with the notice the file is not recognized. In an effort to start back at Ground Zero an attempt was made to reload the Ubiquiti firmware using the interface within BBHN in the admin screen. This failed also with the message the file is not recognized.

Reverting to Windows TFTP attempts were made to upload the Ubiquiti firmware. The command line syntax used was:

                        tftp -i put TI.v5.6.2.27929.150716.1134.bin

TFTP was invoked while in the F: drive so the filename was only specified. The following was the result apparently after about a two minute timeout. I tried specifying the file to transfer by prefacing the filename with "F:" and also "F:\".  I can ping and receive a reply when the device is in TFTP mode (holding the reset button for 25 seconds until the LED's alternately blink)

Can someone tell me if the syntax used for TFTP is correct?

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