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 Subject :Mesh Node Running - Some Basic Questions.. 2015-10-11- 18:30:03 
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Hello All,

I have a mesh node up now - but have some basic networking questions (it is a Ubiquiti Bullet M5-Ti) - 

*  WAN I/F - Is it best to leave that as DHCP (I do have a local network DHCP server running) or should I set that to be static and something that routes OK locally?

*  LAN I/F - Should I leave that as is - or do I need to make sure that can route on my local net?  I have made sure the LAN DHCP server works and have connected to the Bullet's Web GUI through the LAN using one of the DHCP'ed addresses - but what is a little unclear is how a client 'meshes in' and uses the LAN address.

*  Wireless I/F - That is pretty clear - and I have used what the bootcode suggests.

So, for the node - how does the routing work?  Does a client connect from the Wireless I/F - and then traffic for the Internet goes to/from the WAN I/F?  Then what is the purpose of the LAN I/F - is that just for local physical access (I assume) - I am just wondering how someone makes a client connection or maybe that is just the wrong way to look at this.

I am trying to figure out if I need to set up any routes or firewall rules on my main internet router to make all of this work.

I have looked at a lot of the things posted here - but I haven't seen anything that says if local firewall or routing tables need to be changed to make this useful.  I will set up a client station soon - maybe all of this gets obviated when you do that.


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