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 Subject :Access IP CAM from ouside a MESH network.. 2014-03-03- 13:01:32 
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I have Linksys WTR54G routers which I have configured with the latest mesh software, i was successful in configuring my Panasonic ip cam to work inside the mesh network.  But can't access it from ouside the MESH.

If anyone has tried this and was successful can you pls help and let me know how you did it.  I'm attaching a screen capture of my mesh config with the cam.  

I have the same Linksys WRT54G router for both the MESH and the main router connected to the cable modem.

I have other Ip cams in the house which are outside the mesh just connected to the main router and I can see them all just fine from anywhere in the world. 

But no matter what I do I can't access the one in the MESH router itself.

Any / all help would be greatly appreciated.  If you have large screen capture files you'd like to send me my personal email is

Thanks & 73's Tony N2SIQ 

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 Subject :Re:Access IP CAM from ouside a MESH network.. 2014-03-03- 13:56:26 
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The "LAN Port". Is an IP port number not the network port your plugged into

4 is unlikely to be where the camera is 80,8080,8888 etc are common.  Looking at your configuration this looks like it would be 5500.

You want the LAN port you would use when your inside the mesh to be the port in the services config.

Also check your camera be sure it uses only one port. It is possible the camera may need more than one port to fully work.

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