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 Subject :wont flash WRT54GS v6.. 2011-11-04- 13:30:17 
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The WRT54GS v6 uses the Broadcom 5352 chip I have succesfuly got DD-WRT up and running. It will not flash with HSMM-MESH. I have tried bin files hsmm-mesh-0.4.2-wrt54gs.bin, hsmm-mesh-0.4.2-wrt54gs_v4.bin, hsmm-mesh-0.4.2-wrt54g.bin.

I do have one Mesh Node aready running on a WRT54G-TM.


Wes Larson KF7BWS

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 Subject :Re:wont flash WRT54GS v6.. 2011-11-04- 13:57:50 
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WRT54G models beyond 4 do not have enough memory to run HSMM-MESH(tm) firmware. Starting with version 5 they cut the memory in half and used VX Works as the OS instead of Linux. Check the amount of memory in the various versions of the WRT54G with the links to WRT54G information. The TM version of the 54G you have has double the memory of the WRT54GL. The version 6 has half. DD-WRT has small versions of the fw to fit into the new VXWorks cost reduced WRT54G models. They also have "Mega" versions of DD-WRT for the models with double the memory. -Glenn KD5MFW
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