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 Subject :Ubiquiti Bullet HP IRC server problems.. 2014-06-02- 16:36:49 
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I have a Ubiquiti Bullet running BBHN 1.0.1. I wanted to load the ngircd package on it. It shows ngircd 15.2 as the version available in the package manager. It appears to have downloaded and installed correctly and I have it setup as an advertised service. However when trying to connect get a connection refused message in the IRC client. I think the problem maybe that there is some additional configuration needed in the ngircd.conf file but I can't find any information on what I need to edit. I believe the latest version on the WRT-54G in ngircd 20.2 and it handles some configuration that the older versions may not. Am I on the right path? Is there any one who can assist me with this? You can also reach me via my email at n7ryn@arrl dot net. Thanks!

Ryan Reed


Raleigh, NC

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