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 Subject :Cannot connect to newly flashed WRT54G.. 2014-06-13- 09:57:39 
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    After flashing the NAT device with the appropriate custom OpenWRT firmware and configuring the firmware for first use I cannot obtain a gateway IP address or connect to the node via LAN using localnode:8080, localnode.local.mesh:8080, or KG5CNK.local.mesh:8080. I have tried numerous times resetting the WRT54G in hopes that I would be able to access it prior configuration of the newly flashed firmware. With no luck, I am unable to access the WRT54G now. It is powered on, and shows an ADHOC logo for the wireless networking capabilities. I've reset the laptop's NIC along with resetting the WRT54G. Nothing I do is allowing me a gateway IP address into it. I've been using CMD > ipconfig. No matter what I do, I am basically locked out of the device.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

73s, KG5CNK, John J Favaloro Jr

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 Subject :Re:Cannot connect to newly flashed WRT54G.. 2014-06-16- 08:42:59 
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Had a similar experience this weekend, flashing a couple WRT54G3G-xTs for my first experience. The Linksys' web-server seemed very fussy. Finally noticed a huge amount of traffic was being reported by ifconfig (I'm using Xubuntu on a Dell laptop) -- like 4 TB, with a similarly huge number of collisions, etc. Hangup survived over laptop suspend/resume cycles. Finally did a full reset of the laptop and all was better. Benton KF7QLP
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