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 Subject :N1MM With Release 1.0.. 2014-06-27- 17:33:44 
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OK, it's obviously late in the day but so far no joy using the MESH to network 4 computers with N1MM for Field Day.  I've reduced it to two to simplify debugging.  If I plug them both into the same router, they are fine.  Move one to a different router and adjust the IP address in the N1MM table and nothing.  I also cannot ping the PC across the mesh.  I can ping to the LAN ports across the mesh.

Been talking to K5KTF but he uses N3FJP so it is a different set up.

Has anyone successfully migrated to the new mesh firmware and gotten it working?  If so, can you send me setup details.  I am clearly running out of daylight to use the mesh.  I'd hate to go back to the long cables running around.

Thanks in advance.

Jim NQ5L

(email directly at nq5l "at" if you like)

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 Subject :Re:N1MM With Release 1.0.. 2014-06-27- 19:01:16 
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Make sure you are in DIRECT mode and your using the computer not the node IP

Also make sure the windows firewall is off.

When you are on the same router you are on the same subnet.

 Even when you set it to allow local connections when you are on diffrent routers it's basically the same as the remote node being from a untrusted area and it's blocked.

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