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 Subject :Welcome Mid-Michigan Meshers!.. 2015-06-15- 07:00:26 
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If your doing anything with mesh, (presentations, demonstrations, field exercises, etc.) in the Mid-Michigan area, we would love to hear about it.

Even if your outside the Mid-Michigan area and want to get the word out about what your doing, please feel free to post about it here.

Please add your nodes to the map, even if they are mobile/go-bag nodes or are not turned-on very often. This helps encourage people when they see a node relatively close to their location.

If you would like to have someone talk to your club about Broadband-Hamnet, or want advice about giving a presentation, feel free to post that here as well. Please be aware the the less notice given, the less likely someone will be able to make a particular date. Better to ask first and set a date later.

Good luck in your efforts and happy "meshing"


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4 nodes. One GL, one Bullet, one AirGrid and one Raspberry Pi node. RasPBX and web server setup on another Raspberry Pi.

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