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 Subject :Link between Mid-Michigan and South-East Michigan????????????????????.. 2015-06-17- 07:01:54 
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Hi Mid-Michigan Meshers!,

I live in Superior Twp. in Washtenaw county and am considering setting up a mesh node here at my qth.

It would be great if one of the nodes in Mid-Michigan could point an antenna in my direction so that we could work on expanding the BBHN coverage here in Michigan.

More information is in my post on the SE Michigan BBHN forum:

If we could do this that would be AWESOME!


Augustine, KD8NXH

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Augustine, KD8NXH :)
Potential mesher in Superior Twp., MI-- EN82eh.
 Subject :Re:Link between Mid-Michigan and South-East Michigan?.. 2015-06-17- 08:11:54 
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Hi Augustine,

The current plan is to (at some point) place a Bullet M2 with an omni at one of our (SVARA) club repeater locations. I don't know when this will happen. However, I checked the distance and I don't think a link will be possible without a few nodes between us as the distance looks to be around 80 miles.

The longest link I know of was around 30 miles. That was with near perfect conditions.

I tried to attach a path profile shot but the up-loader is not working. (See google link below) I think that "ridge" on your end would be a good spot to put a node in the air for your area but we would need to put nodes on those high points to connect our meshnets. I think 12 nodes would give us the coverage we would need.

I would love to do this but I would need to drum up A LOT more interest in my area to get that kind of support. Currently my personal goal is to get a central node up in my area and to make a couple of push-up masts for "field use". My hope is that if I can get a node in the air that people can connect to it will create more interest.


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