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 Subject :Anybody Still Using This Forum.. 2013-11-22- 11:09:55 
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Hello all, my name is Howard, AC4FS, from Palm Coast, FL.  I recently started to play around with Broadband-Hamnet.  I have a two node mesh network running in my house right now, and plan on adding a WiFi node to the mix.

Node 1 has a Raspberry Pi IRC server connected to it, and Node 2 has an Internet gateway connection to my main home network switch.  So far all I'm doing is experimenting, but next year I plan on making two or three portable, amplified nodes for field use.

I'd like to discuss this with any of the local Volusia-Flagler hams that still have mesh nodes.

73, Howard


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 Subject :Re:Anybody Still Using This Forum.. 2014-01-03- 08:54:40 
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Hi Howard, Sorry that your question went unanswered so long. Earlier attempts to generate MESH interest in our area failed to gain traction but things might be changing. I understand that in Flagler county, there are at least three hams who have put together portable MESH networks for EmCom. If you haven't already found what you're seeking, you may want to contact Jason KK4OSD, the Flagler-Volusia ARES District Emergency Coordinator (DEC). I believe he's one of the Flagler folks with a MESH setup. 73 Mark KV4I
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