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 Subject :olsr software.. 2011-07-16- 15:12:52 
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Is OLSR Software required on each of the computers connected to the MESH in order for them to see the routes?  If so does anyone know of a software that will run on OSX?  I have checked out the website but the pre-compiled binary is missing (link 404/not found).

I have two WRT54G's with the hsmm firmware installed, both see each other fine. My next step is to setup a mini web server on one end with my macbook on the other and see if I can load it up.  I will of course setup the correct port forwarding.

Does anyone have tips on were to get a good antenna for these? I have been looking online and found a few and I'm just wondering if there is a 'more trusted' source that is a hsmm go-to.



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 Subject :Re:olsr software.. 2011-07-16- 15:32:43 
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OLSR is not required for your computers connected to mesh nodes. The HSMM-MESH(tm) firmware changes the way the WRT54G works. It no longer acts as an Access Point. Plug in a cable to your computer and plug it into one of the LAN ports and let the mesh do its thing. You can hang a regular Access Point off of one of the mesh node LAN ports and use standard Wi-Fi to talk to that link as a wireless gateway into the mesh, if you link. Try a cable first from your computer to the a mesh node LAN port and let the mesh node assign your computer an IP address. Again, the mesh node does not use AP protocol (infrastructure mode). I use and for most of my parts. Titan is in Round Rock where I live so it is handy. Pick antennas that will work well for where you place the mesh nodes. Remember, Line Of Sight is important for links of much distance. -Glenn KD5MFW
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