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 Subject :Fill the gap.. 2011-08-11- 19:49:16 
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I plan on installing a new node halfway between the KD5FMW node and Cedar Park regional medical center. I am on a hill so hopefully it will allow these nodes to mesh. I will be installing the node using 7.2 dBi Omni antennas at about 20'-25'. I will post again when I get my nodes in the mail, and get them online.

How does the Googlemapped link on the left know where the nodes are?

Thanks, Fred N5JXO

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 Subject :Re:Fill the gap.. 2011-08-11- 19:55:31 
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Fred, Thanks for your support. I had thought of contacting you about our project but decided to wait until we had more links, but then there must be early adopters to get a basic network in place to attract more users. Plenty will ride the train, once "the tracks have been laid." 73's -Glenn KD5MFW
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 Subject :Re:Fill the gap.. 2011-08-11- 21:03:30 
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Hi Fred, As for the Googlemap, "I" manually enter Lat/Lon into a flat file, and then add those links to another file to draw the lines (red=planned, blue=connected). If you would like to have yours added, email me ( with your lat/lon, node names, and any links or planned links. The source of the map has brought discussion regarding security, which I completely understand. But I also think, if people could see there are links close to them, then they may be more inclined to 'jump on the train'..... So its a 50/50 thing, and why I made it so one has to register and login to see it, to help quell any nervousness about having their locations on the map. Thanks for coming aboard and 73! Jim K5KTF
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B-) Jim K5KTF EM10bm Cedar Park, TX :star:
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