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 Subject :KC9VFT -- New to the group!.. 2012-08-10- 20:43:39 
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So I was at the HAMFest last weekend and saw the display for the HSMM-MESH!  I thought ok so that is really (and I do mean Really) cool.  Thanks to the folks that put the display up!

I live in South Austin.  I have two routers loaded with the mesh software!!  I don't have an external antenna as of yet.  

I need some help on making connections.  I did do some mapping and  the connection to St Davids and KF5MFL have hill between 50-100 foot in the path.   The St David's connection maybe possible if the link is on the roof.   The connection to AMD is just about all up hill (@3.42 miles) and appears to be the best.

Drop me an email at   This look like it could be alot of fun!




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I have 3 WRT54G units loaded with mesh. Working to create a more portal able solution. I want to work towards a local mesh group (to test internet sharing,signal quality, etc) here in South Austin. I have two dish type antennas I am working on to create Bi-quad's to increase the LOS distance. Pl
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