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 Subject :another south austin node - KF5KWE.. 2011-12-07- 19:48:54 
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I'm on the google map of nodes already, and the node is running pretty much 24/7. However as of right now I'm troubleshooting some range issues and you would have to be pretty close I imagine to link up. Just putting it here that I am active and working to link up with more nodes.

On that note I noticed there are a few nodes nearby, the KF5MFL and SAMC node's are about ~3mi away from my qth and I was curious to see if the operators of those nodes could link up with mine or if they are actively running 24/7. I'd hate to find out I'm working towards linking up and find out the node is currently down or inactive for now. is the map I'm talking about, mine located around the intersection of I-35 and wm. cannon. 

I really dig the whole multimedia mesh network run by HAMs so I would love to see this project explode in popularity and have a rich network of links. SO I will be doing everything I can to help it spread, unfortunately purchasing many nodes and getting permission to install them in spots that bridge current nodes isn't feasible for me and kind of against the point of HAM radio.(IMHO)

So I will be lurking around, trying to fix my nodes range issue, and await for any opportunities to help. BTW I have the svn repo working and compiling builds(i've made a version of the firmware with code customizations)

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 Subject :Re:another south austin node - KF5KWE.. 2011-12-08- 09:21:20 
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All three of mine are up 24/7 with battery backup.  I doubt you will be able to hit any of mine easily. All 3 are running with the stock 54GL antennas, indoors, in a top floor apartment.  There is also a slight hill between our locations along with the usual obstacles.  (trees, buildings, etc.)

I plan, in the next few months, to acquire a few high gain antennas for all my nodes along with moving them higher in the apartment.



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 Subject :Re:another south austin node - KF5KWE.. 2012-01-21- 13:45:03 
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Hi KF5MFL & all, I just joined and am excited to help with the Austin-area mesh. I'm in Buda and I work in Kyle, so I'm hoping to get an average node up at each location this spring. Don't know what all I'll be able to connect to off the bat, but once I get some directionals going and maybe some amplification, I hope to be a steady addition to the south mesh. Ross/NN5RR
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