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 Subject :MEshin at our winter tailgate... 2014-01-25- 14:23:52 
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We had our winter tailgate in Albuq, and a few folks brought their mesh hardware, we had Raspberry Pi, Ubiquity and Linksys hardware all working together.  One node was serving up a camera feed, I provided internet access through my node on the HMMWV.

I was able to use my SIP phone client thru the mesh, thru a VPN connection to my Asterisk server at home to make calls.

I did notice a problem, not sure what causes it though.

When plugged into the first mesh node, I could initiate a VPN connection, but when plugged into any subsequent nodes, I could not connect with VPN  It would fail every time after successful authentication.

Plug back into the original node, and VPN works.   all 3 tested were linksys with stock BBHN firmware.

Here's a screenshot from the day.

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