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 Subject :Can't connect to OSLR Status of Neighbor Mesh Nodes.. 2011-09-14- 04:49:11 
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I am just getting started and have configured two Mesh Nodes, called W4BGH-001 and W4BGH-002.  W4BGH-001 is a WRT54G V4 and W4BGH-002 is a WRT54GS V4.  The firmware installation seemed to go well.  I have W4BGH-001 configured as a Mesh Gateway connected via the WLAN port to a switch behind my Verizon Actiontec router.  W4BGH-002 is connected via a LAN port and CAT5 to my netbook showing an IP address of

I can connect to the Internet from my netbook just fine…so far, so good.  When I connect to from the netbook I get a status page that shows the Default Gateway as W4BGH-001.  When I click on the Mesh Status button I see W4BGH-001 as a neighbor with an active link.

When I click on the W4BGH-001 link I get a “server not found” error failing to connect to http://W4BGH-001:8080/.  Also when I click on the OLSR Status button I get a “server not found” error failing to connect to http://W4BGH-002:1978/.  This doesn’t seem normal, but I can’t figure out any work-around.  I have tried two browsers: Firebox and Internet Explorer.  Any suggestions?



Bernie, W4BGH

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 Subject :Re:Can't connect to OSLR Status of Neighbor Mesh Nodes.. 2011-09-21- 16:21:24 
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I see you are using the URL to connect with your node.  This works as it should, but you should instead use http://localnode:8080.  If this doesn't work then you have a DNS problem.  It may still be possible to connect with . If that doesn't work either then you have even more serious DNS problems.

Sometimes Windows does not do as it is told.  Sometimes it is configured in a way not entirely compatible with the proper use of DHCP supplied network parameters.  It may be just a simple issue of renewing your DHCP lease, which I have had to do myself on Windows (but never on Linux).  Otherwise you need to examine your TCP/IP configuration to see what may be preventing DNS from working properly.

I fully expect that if you go to (substitute the actual address for W4BGH-002) it will work.



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