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 Subject :Unable to locate HTTP server message on Cisco 7940 phone.. 2015-05-30- 08:01:05 
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Tried to search for this but came up empty, so sorry if it has been asked over and over again.

At one time I had my RasPBX and Cisco 7940 phones working just fine.  But now, trying to move from a Linksys router hosting the PBX to a Ubiquity router I seem to have overlooked something.

I've watched both of Paul's, KF5JIM, videos on configuring the node and the phone (same RasPI, just a different IP address) and have changed the SIPDefault.cnf file to have the correct proxy address (in both places) and the phone's TFTP server address.  The phone also shows the RasPBX address for HTTP server and port 80.

What am I over looking?

Or was it like this on my previous setup and I've just forgotten I was getting this error message?  I'm asking this question because even though I'm getting the message, things seems seem to be working.

And one last comment.  I've seen several references to forwarding port 5060, but have seen anything definitive about that.  Some of the instructional videos and "How To" articles really ought to get updated more often.

Any and all help appreciated,

Steve G./N4TTY

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 Subject :Re:Unable to locate HTTP server message on Cisco 7940 phone.. 2015-06-03- 10:27:36 
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Maybe try opening port 80 for the PI on the router. However you don't need this for the phone to function, it is used when you want to replace the graphics the phone uses(such as the Cisco name and logo) and some other (rarely used) features. If you take out the entry for http server in the config it should stop showing the error.

If you are replacing the logos I would love to hear about it.

Let me know if this works for you.

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