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 Subject :Bullet M2 doesn't save changes.. 2014-05-20- 13:18:28 
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Ok, so the first bullet I did, everything went fine. The second bullet loaded up the firmware fine, but will not save the ssid or password when I tell it to. It also stays on the Any ideas?

I also noticed that the top led (on the signal strength) is on.

EDIT: Nevermind, it was a case of the browser being stupid.

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 Subject :Re:Bullet M2 doesn't save changes.. 2014-05-20- 13:30:20 
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 I would suggest closing your browser and re opening as a start to make sure nothing is cached in it's memory. If that doesn't work try a full cache clean on your browser.

Top Link LED should be on solid -  this signifies the router has completed booting.

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