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 Subject :Open-Source?.. 2011-11-18- 15:37:27 
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Hello Everyone--

I'm new... Robert K6KGS in Dana Point (Southern) CA.

This looks like very nice work.

I'd like to know if this software is Open Source, and if so, under which License.

I'm asking because I'm working on a gateway module for an HF engine that links meshes across gaps in the direct connections. Very useful for times of emergency when the usual cast of characters' backbones are down... Like real emergencies.

Thanks in advance.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

very best 73's/robert

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 Subject :Re:Open-Source?.. 2011-12-02- 01:27:24 
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Yes, the source code is open but no official declaration has been made yet as to which specific open source license applies.  But do feel free to extract any pieces of it you need for your project.  Give us credit where applicable and don't call it HSMM-MESH.

Now bear in mind that our firmware works under the presumption of a large amount of available bandwidth and this is something that any legal HF mode cannot even begin to supply.  I'd be interested to see more details about just what it is you intend to do.


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