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 Subject :Multiple Internet Connections.. 2013-08-24- 15:32:26 
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Good Evening Everyone!

I am working setting up a Mesh network in conjunction with the local ARES/RACES group to like the various served agencies (Hospitals, clinics, EOC, sheriff, etc) and the EC would like redundancy when it comes to the internet connection that would be available through the mesh.  Is it possible to have a couple of mesh nodes with an internet connection available on the same mesh so that if one goes down the rest take up the slack?

Thanks guys!

73, de Travis W9HDG

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 Subject :Re:Multiple Internet Connections.. 2013-09-11- 23:14:24 
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Theoretically, yes, this is possible. SOME applications may behave strangely with this, though, as each connection out to the internet will have it's own unique public IP address. This should not be a problem for simple web browsing or email, but could be more of a problem for a true connection oriented application, where there is a long term TCP or UDP connection. The strange behaviour would be from multiple gateways (connections between networks) possibly being selected for the same connection. If you were to try this, I wouldn't put too many gateways to the public internet in place, and would have them physically dispersed enough that you generally don't have them closer than 3-5 RF hops from each other to minimize these routing issues, and resulting strange behaviours.
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