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 Subject :Installation feedback from Los Angeles.. 2013-09-15- 16:46:59 
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Not sure where to post this.  No place to post Installation feedback, and residual questions.  (Of course this is from a HSMM-Mesh noob.)

Install seems to be fine, nice and straightforward.  IPCONFIG/release and IPCONFIG/renew did not work the way the PowerPoint showed.  (Got error messages. Running Windows 7, 64 bit)  After node name, password SAVE and reboot, the status page did not refresh -- no matter how long a wait.  And clicking on the provided links did not make any difference.  Had to reboot the computer and reconnect the router, but that seemed to work.  Got back to the status page with "http://localnode:8080".  Didn't try the other versions.

Questions: 1) No "172." addresses seen on status page, only "10." addresses.  Should I be concerned?

2) No sign of the SSID on any of the pages.  I know I'm not supposed to change it, but where does one go if one had to change it?

3) I believe the HSMM-Mesh router uses only channel 1.  If there are other WiFi AP routers nearby already using channel 1, what should be done to mitigate interference?




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