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 Subject :Bay Area Maker Faire 2015.. 2015-05-10- 17:39:11 
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I'm Dennis, W6DQ, and will be presenting at this year's Maker Faire at "Not Your Grandpa's Ham Radio."  This is our fourth year with this group and it just keeps getting better each year!

I am curious if anyone from the forum will have a display or at least be attending the Faire?  Just a little background ... we think that the Maker Faire is the perfect opportunity to present Amateur Radio to a very open-minded community interested in new technologies.  As such, our group has been presenting various amateur microwave technologies in the past including narrowband radios (SSB) operating at up to 76 GHz.  We have members from the 50 MHz and Up Group, San Bernardino Microwave Society and the San Diego Microwave Group. Wireless and SDR are two of the hot topics in the community.

This year I am bringing along some BBHN hardware that I have set up as a demo.  I think this is a great way to get the Maker Faire gear-heads into ham radio.  We'll also have demos on Software Defined Radio, some Arduino-based projects and some student projects from UC Davis.

At some point, it might be worthwhile to see if it is possible to extend our network outside of our booth.  You can contact me via email:   I would love to hear from anyone attending!

Thanks and 73,

-dennis W6DQ

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