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 Subject :I can not see past first Node.. 2015-01-27- 15:29:02 
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Hello All,

I am having a puzzling problem here.  From my node (1) I can directly see two other nodes (2 and3).  I can not connect to them and I can not see anything they are seeing.  When I open OLSR under the ALL tab, and look at Neighbors, I can see the stations that should have been repeated through Node 2 and 3.

Additionally, again under OLSR, in the TOPOLOGY field, I can see everything repeated my Nodes 2 and 3.  The same holds true under the OLSR MID entries.   Again, no resolution when I try to view under the MESH STATUS tab.

I can also see this OLSR data on other nodes connected ( 4-5-6-7) via DTDLINK, but again does not show up under the Mesh Status Tab.

It also appears that at least one other person in our group is having the same issue

This network is running Ubiquity devices and using a mix of version 3.0.0 and 3.0.0. beta which through a command line operation, disabled the Watch Dog timer.

History,  This network was working just fine using UBNT a 5.8 GHz network as a backbone with the UBNT Tough-Switch's having its own VLAN-2 named DTDLINK.

I look forward t hearing from you.


Paul Strauss


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 Subject :Re:I can not see past first Node.. 2015-01-27- 17:39:14 
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If I understand the problem correctly that from node 1 you see node 2 and 3 over the medh status page but clicking on the link you can not pull up their stays page than it sounds either like a computer routing issue (make sure your computer wifi card is turned off) or a DNS resolution failure (try using nodename.local.mesh:8080 instead of nodename:8080

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