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 Subject :HSMM Presentation to HOTARC.. 2012-07-17- 15:43:29 
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Hello Austin HSMM-ers!

The HOTARC group in Waco area is considering a HSMM-Mesh for our area. We've been studying the web site, and have flashed a few routers, but haven't got any two talking to each other (beyond 10 feet) yet. Are any of you interested in driving up to Waco to make a 30-45-minute presentation about HSMM to our Club meeting July 26 (2012)? We'll treat you to dinner and reimburse you for mileage. :-)

If interested, please contact me at, and we can discuss further by phone.


John AC5CV
HOTARC Editor & Webmaster, former President, etc.

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John AC5CV
Waco, TX
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